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Shrinking Violet, £30.00

made by Tibby Oliver, is one of the most powerful body wrap products available in salons today. Unlike traditional Inch Loss Body Wraps Shrinking Violet doesn't work by dehydration but by Lipolysis*, a revolutionary method to remove unwanted fat from problem areas. Shrinking Violet is a painless, effortless process that can successfully remove fat from in problem areas such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Lipolysis is achieved by chemical reaction and heat which permanently break down fat within fat cells. These will only reform should you continue to follow an unhealthy lifestyle.

Are you wanting to fit comfortably into a particular outfit? Shrinking Violet can help with that.

Are you serious about achieving inch loss? A course of Shrinking Violet can help with that in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy eating plan.

A MINIMUM of 4-6 inches may be lost from just one body wrap treatment, however it is possible to lose an entire dress size!

              Shrinking Violet Do’s and Don’ts

Pre Treatment Advice

• We advise you to avoid alcohol 1-2 days beforehand

• Eat small meals regularly before and after wrap. Do not skip meals as this will slow metabolism (and we don’t want you passing out on us !)

• Drinking alcohol after the wrap during loss period will cause fluid retention so will give false results

• If they have any doubts re BP or soya allergy consult Dr. patch test can be carried out in crook of elbow

• If there is a possibility you could be pregnant you cannot be treated

• If you are breast feeding/had a recent operation, including c-sect, you cannot be treated

• You will have an initial consultation/disclosure before your treatment which you will need to sign.

• We will provide disposable briefs for you but we advise you bring a bikini top or bra to wear whilst being measured before and after. We prefer to treat the body as a whole, for best results, so it is up to you whether you wish to remove your bra for the whole treatment.

• Initial loss will continue over 2/3 days

Treatment Procedure

• After your consultation you will be left to undress down to underwear (or whatever you prefer to wear during the treatment). The treatment proceeds as follows :-

• Measuring

• Body Brushing

• Application of product

• Wrapping

• You will then spend one hour on a heated bed, wrapped and cosy and then left to relax

• Unwrapped, any excess product will be massaged in

• Remeasured and compared against initial measurements, losses recorded

• Left to dress

Aftercare :-

• Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and fizzy drinks for at least 24 hours

• Avoid exercise for at least 24 hours

• Drink plenty of water, ideally about 1 litre per day for the next 3 days. This continues the cleansing process and the flushing out of toxins

• Avoid bathing or showering until the following day to allow the product to continue to work

• Follow a healthy lifestyle to include a balanced diet with regular exercise

• You may notice an increase in urination for the following 3 days. This is completely normal as the body eliminates the toxins and fat

Should you wish to book a Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Body Wrap and you find you have any of the following contra-indications please telephone us on 01704834555 for clarification :-


Cancer – Cancer patients need to consult with their doctor, especially if they are taking certain

medications or chemotherapy and are often advised to avoid body treatments.

Circulatory Disorders/Heart Disease – Clients with circulatory problems or heart difficulties should consult with their physicians prior to having body treatments performed since they boost circulation.

Diabetes – Some clients with diabetes can derive benefits from body treatments while others need to avoid body treatments including diabetics who are prone to sores and diabetes with the tendency to develop numbness in their extremities. Consult with your GP.

Oedema – Clients with oedema should obtain a medical release from their GP before booking body treatments but many can benefit from this therapeutic service.

Fever – Body treatments should not be administered to clients with a fever.

Herpes – Clients with herpes should avoid body wraps if the outbreak is active.

Hypertension/Central Nervous System Disorders – Clients should consult with their GP prior to body treatments.

Inflammation/Infection – Clients should wait for inflammation to be reduced or infection to heal prior to body treatments.

Antibiotics – It is advisable to wait until a course of antibiotics, or other medications, are finished before booking a wrap.t

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